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Troop 12 Tackles Klondike

The weather was cold and the competition was hot.

Over 140 Scouts from across western Oregon braved the wintery elements to show off their scouting skills. Troop 12 formed 2 special patrols to compete in the event- Snowy Owl Patrol and Phoenix Patrol.

At this year’s Klondike Competition, there were nine skill stations to challenge scouts. Patrols were scored in three categories— 1) Scout Skills: How close to completing each challenge were patrols by using their scout skills. 2) Teamwork: How well did the patrols work together through adversity. 3) Patrol Spirit: Did the patrol have a patrol yell and flag and show off their scouting spirit. This was Troop 12's first time competing at Klondike. Our 2 Patrols were some of the top competitors. Snowy Owls finished in the top 10 and Phoenix finished in the Top 5.

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