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High Adventure!

High Adventure is a Troop 12 Tradition

Troop 12 High Adventures take outdoor encounters in the wild to the extreme. Scouts who have mastered the essential scouting skills and have consistently proven their capabilities on monthly camping trips are eligible to participate in Troop 12 High Adventures.

High Adventure Requirements:

  • Scout Skills: Scouts must be proficient in all the essential outdoor scouting skills, in addition to any specific skills related to the High Adventure they wish to take with Troop 12. (For example, some High Adventures will require proficient training in Canoeing, Climbing, Backpacking, or Scuba diving)

  • Rank: Some Troop 12 High Adventures may only be offered to Scouts First Class and higher, due to the advanced scouting skills necessary for that adventure

  • Age: Most BSA High Adventure Scout Bases have minimum age requirements (13 or 14 years old, depending on the High Adventure Base).

  • Participation: High Adventures are not easy and your fellow Scouts need to know they can depend on you. Scouts must show their dependability by attending at least 70% of Troop 12 meetings and outings. Building trust takes time and Scout skills need consistent practice and usage. 


Troop 12 High Adventure Opportunities

2024 Sailing Adventure

August 2 - August 9 Live-Aboard Sailing Adventure
Sea Base Bahamas


Live Aboard a sailboat for a week in the Bahamas. Sailing, Snorkeling, Fishing, Swimming.

Requirements: Age 13, First Class or Higher, BSA Swimmer.
U.S. Passport


2024 50-Miler Backpacking Trek

August 14 - August 18  50-Mile Backpacking Adventure
South Sisters Oregon

Hike through Cascade Wilderness, Backpacking through rugged terrain of South Sisters Loop.

Requirements: Age 12+, Experienced Backpacker, Recommendation from Program Adult Leader


2024 Scuba Adventure

Decmeber 27 2024 - January 3 2025 Live-Aboard Scuba Adventure
Sea Base Florida Keys


Live Aboard a sailboat for a week in the Florida Keys. Multiple daily dives and sailing.

Requirements: Age 13, First Class or Higher, BSA Swimmer.

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