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Join Troop 12

Join Troop 12

Join Troop 12

Adventure Ahead

What to Expect when you join Troop 12

  • Catholic Troop: Troop 12 is a Catholic Unit. You don't need to be Catholic to join, but you can expect to pray Catholic prayers each week and have Priests celebrate Mass at some of our camping trips.

  • Weekly Meetings: 
    Troop 12 meets every week.

    Monday Nights 6:30pm
    St. Alice Catholic Church

  • Monthly Outdoor Adventures: Troop 12 has an outdoor activity every month of the year. At least 10 of those activities include camping. These outings will cost money, depending on the activity.

  • Summer Camp: The highlight of our year is Summer Camp. All Troop 12 Scouts are expected to attend Summer Camp.

  • Uniform: Troop 12 expects all Scouts to properly wear the complete BSA Scout Uniform, which includes the official tan shirt and green pants- plus a scout belt and Troop 12 neckerchief.

  • Beret: The Red Beret is the official headwear for Troop 12. They are earned by successfully camping with the Troop.

  • Parent Involvement: Every Troop 12 Scouting Family is expected to volunteer and assist in handling some of the Adult responsibilities necessary to keep the Troop running effectively.

  • Fees and Dues:
    BSA Registration Fees are $6 per month
    Troop 12 Dues are $5 per month.
    (Registration Fees and Troop Dues are paid annually in November)

  • Fundraising: Troop 12 strives to have multiple fundraisers each year so every Scout has an opportunity to make enough money to fully pay all his fees, dues and camping fees.


The Joining Process

  1. Attend two Troop 12 Meetings 

  2. Request a Registration Packet

  3. Turn in all completed registration forms and pay all fees and dues

  4. Purchase a complete BSA Uniform and Boy Scout Handbook

  5. You will be given a Welcome Packet, with important troop information-- plus a Troop 12 Neckerchief and T-shirt

  6. The fun begins


The Spirit is the there inside every boy; it has to be discovered and brought to light.

Sir Robert Baden-Powell, Founder of Boy Scouts

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