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Rank Advancement

Advancement is the process in which Scouts progress through the Scouting ranks and receive recognition for their hard work. Scouts plan their own advancement and progress at their own pace.

The Four Steps of Advancement:

  • The Scout learns: Each rank has a set of hands-on skills-training requirements that scouts successfully  complete.

  • The Scout is tested: When leaders see the Scout has mastered a given skill and satisfied a requirement, they tell him so — and record the achievement.

  • The Scout is reviewed: When a Scout completes all requirements for a rank, they appear before a “board of review” composed of adult members of the Troop.

  • The Scout is recognized: When a Scout is certified by the Board of Review, they are awarded the new badge of rank as soon as possible.

The 7 Ranks of Scouting are:


Rank Requirements:

Each Rank requirement a Scout completes must be signed and dated by the Scoutmaster or one of the Assistant Scoutmasters. These requirements are listed in the back of the Boy Scout Handbook. It is up to each individual Scout to log and track his personal requirement progress.
Click on the emblems above to see the requirements for each rank.

Scoutmaster Conference:

All Ranks require a Scoutmaster Conference . You can schedule a Scoutmaster Conference using this link:

Schedule a Scoutmaster Conference

Board of Review:

When a Scout has completed all of a rank's skill requirements, he is ready to schecule a Board of Review. You can schedule a Board of Review by using this link:

Schedule a Board of Reveiw

Rank Advancement
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