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This Month Camping

Camp Kitson

Winter Camping and Outdoor Fun

Camp Kitson Camping Details

Date: Saturday 2/25 - Sunday 2/26
Location: Camp Kitson- Kitson Hot Springs
50524-50518 Kitson Springs Rd, Oakridge, OR 97463

Meeting Time and Place: 7:00am E&S Hardware 

Return Home: Sunday 12:00pm

We will be working on Scout Rank Requirements, Merit Badges and playing some fun outdoor games.

What to bring: We will be camping in Adirondacks- Which are 3-walled structures with bunks that provide shelter from the rain, but not from the temperatures. Make sure you bring cold weather gear, including a warm sleeping pad and sleeping bag–– and as always–– be prepared for rainy weather.

Bring your Handbook!


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