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Summer Camp

The highlight of the Troop 12 Scouting year is definitely Summer Camp!

2024 Summer Camp

Where: Camp Meriwether

When: Summer 2024

July 14 - 20 2024

Plan to Attend! 

Because of the amazing team building, rank advancement, and friendships that Scouts experience at Summer Camp, it is the one event each year that Troop 12 expects each of its scouts to attend. 

Summer Camp
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About Camp Meriwether

Camp Meriwether is located on the scenic Oregon Coast, one of the only Scout camps to feature an ocean beach. The beach-front property’s warm coastal breeze and high-adventure activities attract thousands of Scouts to this premier camp each year.

The camp includes Lake Chamberlain, a fresh-water lake for swimming and kayaking, a trading post, and a state-of-the-art shooting range featuring shotgun, archery, rifle and black-powder shooting sports.

Adventure Awaits!

Scouts seeking high-adventure can sea-kayak, rock-climb and challenge themselves at sandboarding. Stagecraft, handicraft and an ecology center are also featured on the property.

Oceanfront Discovery

With full beach access, Scouts dive into oceanography by exploring tide pools and rock formations. Our popular Polar Bear Swim and ocean-surf wading are highlights of Camp Meriwether. Plus, camp would not be complete without a bonfire on the beach.


Go Back in Time – Lewis & Clark Fort

With a full replica of Lewis & Clark’s winter camp in 1805 – Fort Clatsop – Scouts are immersed into old-time skills like blacksmithing, candle-making, and black-powder riffle marksmanship. Staff even wear historic regalia to add to the experience.

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