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Troop 12 Leaders Earn Top Honors

Troop 12 is proud to announce Scoutmaster Greg Long and Senior Patrol Leader Burkeley Knight-Sheen received top awards at Cascade District’s 2021 Annual Recognition ceremony. Scoutmaster Long was selected as the district’s Scoutmaster of the Year and Scout Knight-Sheen was named Scout of the Year.

A sea of red Troop 12 berets filled the room at Church of Christ Eugene on June 21. Troop 12 Scouts led the opening flag ceremony, Scout Oath, Law and prayer.

Cascade District Commissioner Eugene Reynolds announced Long as Scoutmaster of the Year recipient and recognized Long’s accomplishments, most notably his steadfast commitment to launch Catholic Troop 12 for Pack 12 Webelos Scouts to crossover into. Reynolds also commended Long’s vision for safely maintaining the program during the Coronavirus Pandemic through outdoor meetings and during total lockdown, via Zoom meetings. Under Long’s leadership, Troop 12 never missed a meeting in 2020.

Long received the award to a standing ovation and numerous shout-outs for a speech.

“I’m going to say something-- If you know me, you know I love to talk. I just want to say this is one of the moments in my life that I will remember forever and I want to thank everyone who has been on this journey with me, who believed we could launch a troop during the pandemic and we could really make a difference in the lives of families and boys. Thank you.”

Cascade District also honored Troop 12 Senior Patrol Leader Burkeley Knight-Sheen for his accomplishments in leading Troop 12’s boy-led program through long-term meeting planning, patrol communication and energetic leadership.

Knight-Sheen, who just graduated 8th grade, is serving his second term as Senior Patrol Leader for Troop 12. He reflected on what he’s learned in the past year as the Troop’s elected leader.

“It’s democracy in our troop, so it’s leading by example and doing what’s best for the troop- not what’s best for yourself,” said Knight-Sheen.

In all, eight Troop 12 Scouts, five adult program leaders and two committee members attended the event along with parents and siblings.

Troop 12, chartered by St. Alice Catholic Church, is now in its second year. Under the leadership of Scoutmaster Greg Long, the unit grew from five scouts to 21.

When asked what’s in store for Troop 12’s second year, Long said with a smile, “The boys will be taking a big step forward, and I’ll be taking a small step back.”

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