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Taking Top Awards at 2023 Camporee

Updated: Aug 27, 2023

Scouts lined up under Pioneering Gate Entrance

Camp Murnane, OR--

Have you ever heard the expression you get out of it what you put into it? In May 2023 over 200 scouts from central Oregon came together to show just how much they've put into Scouting over the past 12 months.

Scout Camporees are an annual camping event where Scout Troops get to make new friends, have fun and use their scout skills in a series of challenging competitions.

This year was unlike most central Oregon Camporees because the weather was beautiful. Sunny and not too hot — perfect conditions to allow the competition to heat up!

Cascade District and Greenwood District scouts at 2023 Camporee

Scout Patrols had 6 hours to rotate through 18 timed scout-skill stations to earn points and compete for Top Patrol of the Year in Oregon Trail Council's Cascade and Greenwood Districts.

The culmination of the Camporee is the Saturday evening campfire, where Troops perform songs and skits — and the winners of the Camporee are announced.

Top patrol winners at 2023 Camporee OTC

This year Troop 12 had 2 of the Top 3 Patrols — Patriot Warrior Patrol won the #1 Patrol of the Year and Wolf Patrol earned the #3 spot.

To top it off, Troop 12 won the #2 Troop of the Year, which is a HUGE accomplishment given we had the largest Troop at Camporee, which requires a lot of teamwork and logistical coordination — plus we had 8 new Scouts on their first ever Boy Scout camping Trip.

Scoutmaster Greg Long said, "I couldn't be more proud of these boys. But I'll be honest, I'm not surprised. Each and every one of these Scouts has worked incredibly hard these past 12 months. Scouting is not something we do. It's something we are. We are Scouts. We... are Troop 12. We slay dragons!"

Earlier in May the Patrol Leaders' Council met and planned the annual Calendar for 2024. Troop 12 will be attending the Camporee next year and preparations start now.

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