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Beyond the Badge: Four Troop 12 Scouts Journey to National Jamboree

Updated: Sep 3, 2023

A Look Back on Going Forward!

The theme for the 2023 Jamboree in West Virginia was “Forward” and forward our Troop 12 scouts will go thanks to the amazing experiences at Summit Bechtel Reserve in West Virginia.

The 2023 National Jamboree was held from July 19 to July 28. Contingent 4111 from the Oregon Trail Council joined 16,000 Scouts and Scouters from across the nation to take part in this ten-day life-changing event.

Douglas, Kian, Wyatt and Charlie

BSA National Jamboree is all things scouting and our four scouts- Douglas, Kian, Wyatt, and Charlie, share just a glimpse of their memorable experience:

Jamboree Report from the Voice of Scouts

Hello, my name is Wyatt Frome and I am a Star Scout with Troop 12. I have been with my troop for about four years and have gone on countless outings. If I had to recommend one outing to all scouts everywhere, it would be the Jamboree. We had an absolute blast as we went from paddling kayaks to riding zip lines to dancing at concerts all in a single day. We raced through obstacle courses, shot at the range, rode mountain bikes, and climbed natural climbing walls. Hands down, Jamboree is the best experience I have ever had in my 10-plus years of scouting. --Wyatt Frome

The 2023 National Jamboree was a beautiful experience and an opportunity to meet new people from the US. It offered so many wonderful high adventure programs like bows, barrels, swimming, kayaking, paddle boarding, zip-lining, mountain biking, and skateboarding to name a few. Nearly every merit badge class imaginable was being offered on campus. They even had a Chick-fil-A booth at the trading post. Some nights there were dance parties or drone light shows. We bonded with our friends from the Oregon Trail Council over the two weeks. I know that the four of us made memories that will last a lifetime and I am forever grateful for the opportunity. -- Kian Gramzow

Jamboree was a blast! From shooting and swimming to climbing and biking--Jamboree took these scouting activities to the EXTREME. Not only did I get to explore Summit Bechtel Reserve and participate in once-in-a-lifetime activities, but I also made new friends with scouts from all across the country. What was my favorite part? I can’t say one specific activity, but teaming up with my fellow Troop 12 scouts in the water obstacle course was pretty rad — especially when we earned a total run time of 4:15! That’s a memory I won’t forget. Another big plus was our contingent’s stop in Washington DC — visiting national monuments and getting a private tour of the U.S. Capitol. That memory is a keeper! -- Douglas Long

The National Jamboree was an experience like no other in the scouting world with the largest gathering of scouts in the United States held at the Summit Bechtel Reserve in West Virginia. The vast mountainous landscape served as the home for over 15,000 people for over a week as we experienced high adventure on a new level with massive zip lines, a large lake with many activities, a natural climbing wall, and state-of-the-art shooting ranges. There was so much more the Jamboree had to offer other than high adventure with museums, guest speakers, leadership programs, and patch trading! Our Jamboree contingent 4111 from Oregon Trail Council first toured the capitol then headed to the Jamboree where we were met with great weather and a fast-paced day with the camp all arriving simultaneously. After we had spent over a week at the Jamboree, we were hit with severe heat waves then thunder and lightning; other than the last couple of days we had pristine weather. All too soon we had to pack up and say goodbye to the Summit; we headed to the famous amusement park Busch Gardens and spent a day there. Then we toured the National Mall again and went to the airport. After three days of waiting in the airport and getting hotels with sick people, we finally got on a plane to Dallas and eventually made it on a plane to Portland. I loved my Jamboree experience and would recommend the trip to any scout who would like to see and experience a higher level of scouting, as well as meet new friends and experience a new way of camping where you experience rugged West Virginia and then experience the beauty of our nation's capital. -- Charlie Westover

Duty to God

In addition to the multitude of thrilling adventures, the BSA Jamboree provided opportunities for scouts to fulfill the Scout Oath which begins with Duty to God and country. A handful of scouts, from the 4111 contingent, including 3 of our Troop 12 scouts, woke up early to attend Sunday Mass.

Looking Forward to the Next Jamboree

BSA Jamboree is typically held every four years. But due to Coronavirus, the 2021 Jamboree was canceled. It had been six years since the previous Jamboree. Troop 12 can’t wait until the official announcement of the next Jamboree.

Oregon Trail Council's 2023 Jamboree Contingent -- 4111.

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